Scotland’s Beauty

For a good 9 days during Easter break in early April, Vivian and I decided to go around Scotland. 3 things that come to mind whenever I think of Scotland: Nessie, haggis and rain. It did have less (than expected) of the first and a lot of the third (unfortunately); but there was also beauty. […]

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Around the U.K. in 7 Days

This is the second time I’m attempting to write about the trip I took in early January. At first, I wanted to split it so that each place would have a different post, but that just lead to me procrastinating. So instead I’ll just lump it all together. I went on this trip during Christmas […]

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I’ll Try Again

Wiped the old blog clean because I was getting far too busy to keep on updating like I intended to. Right now, I’m neck-high deep in revision because exams are right around the corner—happening in 5 days, in fact! However, today the weather was brutally hot (almost felt like I was back in Brunei) and […]

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