Travelling Solo

When I told people I was going to travel solo around Europe over the summer, their first reaction was usually: is it safe for a girl to be travelling alone? In a way this irritated me. You wouldn’t hear this question much if it was a guy in question. But I’m a girl, and it’s […]

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Sunsets, Silhouettes

… and good company; mix them all together and you get a day well-spent. I’m back in the motherland for a while during summer break, but I’ll be flying off sometime in August to do a bit of travelling before the second year of my degree starts. I’m also currently waiting for results to come […]

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Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. Fun fact: it was voted the happiest city in the world in 2013. Also a fun fact: all Lavender and I did while we were here was eat, sleep and drink cocktails. That’s it. On the second day we went to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world—the oldest […]

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Hyde Park at 6AM

I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I decided to take a walk around Hyde Park with my camera. At 6AM it was quiet. No barking dogs, no screaming kids, no couples having shouting matches. Just the calls of waking birds and the gurgle of water flowing from fountains in the Italian Gardens. I barely saw anyone, […]

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Scotland’s Beauty

For a good 9 days during Easter break in early April, Vivian and I decided to go around Scotland. 3 things that come to mind whenever I think of Scotland: Nessie, haggis and rain. It did have less (than expected) of the first and a lot of the third (unfortunately); but there was also beauty. […]

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Around the U.K. in 7 Days

This is the second time I’m attempting to write about the trip I took in early January. At first, I wanted to split it so that each place would have a different post, but that just lead to me procrastinating. So instead I’ll just lump it all together. I went on this trip during Christmas […]

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I’ll Try Again

Wiped the old blog clean because I was getting far too busy to keep on updating like I intended to. Right now, I’m neck-high deep in revision because exams are right around the corner—happening in 5 days, in fact! However, today the weather was brutally hot (almost felt like I was back in Brunei) and […]

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